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tv   New Day  CNN  November 16, 2017 4:00am-5:00am PST

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are numbered. same goes for you, budget overruns. and rising costs, wipe that smile off your face. we're coming for you too. at optum, we're partnering across the health system to tackle its biggest challenges. >> president trump getting personally involved in the republican push for tax reform ahead of today's house vote. >> we start getting them to health care issues, we send a very mixed message.
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>> they will give americans bigger paychecks and more prosperous economy. >> when i say this bill is a thief in the night, i mean it. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> good morning. welcome to your "new day". two more women coming forward accusing roy moore of unwanted advances. the "washington post" reporting one was a teenager when moore, in his 30s, pursued her. moore is staying in the race and firing back. his legal counsel is refuting another accuser's story demanding she turn over a yearbook to a handwriting analyst to figure out if it is the writing of roy moore. >> so president trump is remaining silent on moore's allegations. instead, the president is tweeting on tax reform ahead of today's house vote. this as ron johnson says he is against the senate's version of that bill. he's going to join us shortly to explain why.
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the president also doing a victory lap after his asia trip. apparently it made him very thirsty. we're going to play it again. here is the awkward moment where he was searching for his water bottle. >> i believe the assessment of the two-hand grab, known as the baby grab, sippy cub gap, will come under scrutiny. >> i love that you are doing play-by-play. >> do you need two hands? you're not an unusually large person. >> live in gadsden, alabama and all the latest that's going on with roy moore. jason? >> reporter: good morning to you, alisyn. state gop leaders held an emergency meeting last night. there are a lot of questions what this 21-member steering committee would do. >> two additional women speak
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out to the "washington post" accusing republican senate candidate roy moore of making unwanted advancing toward them when they worked at an alabama mall years ago. >> she then was in school, a couple days later in tri g class when she heard she got a call. she thought, oh, my goodness, is it my dad? she went to the office, it turned out to be roy moore asking her out on a date. >> a total of seven women have now come forward, including two who say moore sexually assaulted them when they were teenagers and he was in his 30s. >> he was on the no-fly list for a mall which to me was pretty stunning. so it gives credibility to the allegations of these women. >> as republican leadership in washington actively tries to push moore out of the race, the embattled candidate remaining defiant, tweeting a direct challenge to majority leader mitch mcconnell, bring it on. >>. >> it would be up to him.
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>> do you believe the accusers of roy moore, mr. president? should roy moore resign? >> the president has expressed apprehension about commenting due to his own past accusers. mr. trump's daughter, ivanka, however, speaking out forcefully telling "the associated press" there is a special place in hell for people who prey on children. the embattled candidate fighting back on multiple fronts listing 12 female character witnesses, writing an open letter to prominent conservative sean hannity, attempting to discredit one of his accusers. beverly nelson, who said roy moore sexual assaulted her when she was 16 years old. she said after moore attacked
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her, she nephew spoke to him again. but citing nelson's 1999 divorce. >> guess who that case was before? it was filed in etowah county and the judge signed roy s. moore. >> reporter: this raise ig questions about moore's own defense earlier this week. >> i don't even know the woman. i don't know anything about her. >> reporter: moore's lawyer can citing this. >> release the yearbook so we can dinner is it genuine or a fraud? >> reporter: nelson's toefrpb agreeing to turn it over if the senate hearing investigates his actions. >> we want him to be subpoenaed if he won't appear voluntarily. he can deny it if he wants as long as it's under oath. >> reporter: despite recent allegations, roy moore still does have support here.
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it is not usual to have people drive by and shout out support for roy moore. one woman said i'm not voting for the roy moore of 40 years ago. i'm voting for the roy moore of today. >> thank you very much for being on the ground with that perspective. let's bring in beth reinhart, an investigative reporter at the "washington post", part of the team who broke the stories about the accusations against roy moore. beth, thanks so much for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> can you briefly tell us about these two new accusers who have come forward in their stories. >> reporter: so one of the wo n women -- four women on the record.
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(inaudible). in her mind it may her feel uncomfortable. she got out of the car and -- >> i'm sorry to interrupt.
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we're having a hard time with your audio. it is sort of spotty. >> i apologize. >> not your fault. she felt it was a forced kiss in a dark parking lot. she felt very uncomfortable. just because people have been questioning the "washington post". we hear from lots of alabamans in gadsden who say they can't trust the "washington post". just so people understand your process. you have interviewed a dozen sources in these latest accusations who corroborate these stories, who remember roy moore, who tell the story of him loitering at the mall and trying to pick up women or approach women. and so people just really, really need to read your stories before they can make any of their own judgments about the voracity of these stories. beth reinhart, thank you very much for taking the time. great to talk to you. >> let's bring in gregory and
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real clear politics a.b. stoddard. i know it was hard to hear. but you have read the accounts. two more women coming forward, adding to the other five. it's been pointed out this is a lot more than he said, she said. there's now a preponderance of women who feel comfortable, because of strength in numbers, coming forward to tell their roy moore stories. >> and i can the circumstances of these stories that become increasingly difficult to believe were made up. this level of detail and the awkwardness of what happened. and of course reliving this by coming forward is something that i'm sure has been a source of so much discomfort and pain on on so many level for these women. so this situation as a political candidate in this bizarre race continues to deteriorate for roy moore. he is trying to portray he is embattled, bringing in
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handwriting experts and suggesting these women cannot be believed. it is this slow motion unraveling that is either going to lead to him losing perhaps. or if republicans can prevail before them, getting enough pressure to get him out of the race. and i think they're feeling the time pressure of him not getting the message, not feeling enough pressure that either outcome will be deemed pretty horrible for him. >> all right. with that as a premise, let's take a step deeper into the analysis. a.b., on the one side, the questioning of the handwriting, the bringing up the circumstance that roy moore was signed as a judge in the divorce case of the woman who now said he tried to attack her years earlier. he said i don't know whether or not this is my handwriting. i want the yearbook.
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is that enough for roy moore to sway voters that all of these accounts could be bogus? >> well, there are people in alabama who basically have already told us since these stories broke last week they will stick by roy moore. >> one is governor, by the way, who is a woman. >> i actually believe that roy moore can still win this race. and i believe that all of the tough talk from senate republicans will disappear if he does. they might try to subject him to an ethics committee investigation. it will be very ugly. it will go on a very long time. it will imperil whatever is left of the legislative agenda. and it will not, i don't believe, lead to expulsion from the time senate. so it will be very divisive. in the end, i imagine they will back down from that. let's start with how fierce his support is in the state. if he is distracting people.
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it was the most upsetting of all of them. she does d not tell us he was the judge in our divorce proceedings. when you come forward with a story as painful as it's been for her, you want to have all your facts right when you're ready to level such a strong accusation like that. but i still believe -- i agree with david. if you just look at the collection and the weight of all of these stories together, women who don't know each other all coming up with similar stories, it's very tough for people who are going to feel a moral compass on this issue. in the end it is still possible that they either end up roy moore in the senate and it is extraordinarily problematic or he loses the race. >> i want to talk about what you
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mentioned. in terms of the divorce proceeding, it doesn't necessarily mean she had to go into a courtroom in front of roy moore. >> right. >> maybe it was just paperwork. maybe it was so pro forma. if you don't have to encounter somebody, you're not necessarily -- >> it's a shiny object for roy moore -- it's a shiny object for his supporters to grab onto. >> moore, didn't he say -- >> but look. i get that. on that one you would have think it mattered more to her. we would have to know more about the circumstances whether he was just assigned to the case but there was no trial in front of him. >> that is a lot. if he just signed a piece of paper, that is testifying in front of someone you had a bad experience with. >> absolutely no question about that. but there is a bigger consideration. one is the monkeying with the timing, should this be left up
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to the timing. that's one issue. but so much of the base of judge roy moore, and we have dealt with him before, whether it was the 10 commandments or his really ugly feelings about homosexuality and their rights under the constitution. so there's a lot there. but his christian base, gregory, how do they reconcile that being their guiding light that they are about a moral purpose even greater than what we are talking about on earth, and reconcile that with the morality at play in these accusations. it is not a he said, she said. there are many shes. how do they reconcile that? >> it's really interesting. i had this conversation with faith leaders and other programs that i have been part of. and how you separate belief and a belief system from a kind of tribal identity. and i think what we see among
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christian conservative voters as an organizing group is a lot more tribal mentality. russell moore, who has called out fellow christians for being so selective on the issue of their support and moral relativism with regard to roy moore, who heads-up the policy arm of the southern baptists said in previous forms i have been with him on. he said that people tend to identify, well, you have certain beliefs about certain issues. i'm more likely to be associated with you rather than this is a kind of litmus test of missed faith. there is a practicality, a way of life that an evangelical christian is living and how a politician is encroaching on that. we are sticking with people who are not going to make us feel isolated but validate our way of life. it is a practical way of supporting someone politically that i think is separated from the true nature of faith. >> a.b., let's talk about the president's asia trip and one of the by-products that came out of
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it. that is freeing the ucla basketball players, or having is them not face 10 years for theft in china. and the president sort of put out a tweet and pressed them to thank him, which he then did. >> tweeted about it this morning. >> this morning there is a new tweet. is this the new tweet? no. this is the old tweet where they thanked him. >> the original was where's my thanks? now he is saying to the three ucla basketball players, i say you're welcome. go out and give a big thank you to president xi jinping of china who made your release possible and have a great life. be careful there are many pitfalls on the long and winding road of life. >> i think it was obnoxious the way he did it. the players should make sure to thank the president and the government for making this a priority to put this on the agenda in a one-on-one meeting rather than have them get lost in the criminal justice system
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in china. that could have been awful. look, this is an incredibly unfortunate episode these guys got themselves caught up in. you look at the life of a high-level college athlete, these are incredibly disciplined young men who have incredible opportunities that they have created for themselves. this is a huge lapse in judgment, as they said. they are being suspended indefinitely. i think the president was right to say you ought to thank me even though it is pretty obnoxious the way he did it. >> a.b.? >> he changed from this cranky person looking for credit about the pitfalls of life and have a great life was in all caps. so i think it was really positive. >> and the long and winding road of life. we can all agree with that. a.b. stoddard, gregory, thank you.
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>> tweets might be set to music at some point. >> we can only hope. thank you guys. all right. so we have our first gop is senator to publicly oppose the senate version of the tax plan prompted a call from president trump to this senator. his name ron johnson. where is he after that conversation? what is the premise of his position? we'll ask him directly next. stay with "new day". jewelry that tells her fshe's the best thing. that's ever happened to you. in a way that goes beyond words. it could be a piece jewelry designers created just for jared. or a piece we custom made just for you. because we're more than a store that sells beautiful jewelry. we are jewelers. the one, unique gift that tells her exactly how you feel. that's why he went to jared.
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the house votes on its tax plan today. the senate is stke baiting its own version of the plan. one republican senator is publicly opposing it. that senator is wisconsin senator ron johnson. he joins us now. i see you have your jacket off. you are going to work. i like the image, senator. >> good morning, chris. i'm a norwegian from wisconsin. i get hot walking around pretty fast. good morning. >> it is good to stay cool right now with all the things you have facing you.
4:23 am
let's start with the moral question about roy moore. what is your position on the allegations against the candidate. >> allegations sound pretty credible to me. if i were roy moore, and i'm not, i would give the alabama voters what they want. >> people are arguing. let the people decide. you should be a moral leader. you were put there to make the judgments. however, let the voters decide. if he wins, you would have a really tough task to expel him, the time, the distraction, who knows what happens. wouldn't be that easy to unseat him. should you have that ability to do that. >> i think the supreme court has ruled a duly elected senator needs to be sworn in.
4:24 am
based on the folks i'm talking to, i would doubt he would be serving as united states senator for very long. he needs to face that reality. voters are quite clear. they want a republican senator. >> you said help the little guy as much as you help the. the president called you. true? >> yes, he did. the folks who wrote the framework realize to make american businesses globally competitive, it is is table stakes. we need to make sure every american company remains competitive.
4:25 am
it is far higher. we are leaving them behind. the passthrough businesses really are the edge of economic growth, job creation, innovation in our economy. i'm looking for a fair shake for all businesses to maintain the competitive balance and position of all businesses. let's not upset that apple cart and harm our economy. >> it is interesting the insight you gained. if you want to help the little guy, it is is about middleclass tax cuts, then the benefits are overweighted. people like me, statement in self interest, get helped more. that's what this cut is all about. why? >> well, first of all, i think the tax proposal should all be
4:26 am
weighted to economic growth. federal revenue has increased since twaoeufpblt if you want to a large portion of the economic growth in the senate bill 82% of the tax relief for businesses goes to c >> right. >> i hear you on the corporate side. you're helping people like me more than you're helping the middleclass. supposedly this was supposed to be about them. >> i'm a complete out liar when it comes to what we're doing on the individual side. i wouldn't do what we're doing. i wouldn't promise anybody tax cuts because we're one of those deficit hawks. >> how can you be for this bill? >> i'm for economic growth.
4:27 am
that is on the business side of the equation, making sure all americans are competitive against each other and grow our economy. that's how you increase wages on a self-sustaining basis. >> they don't want to use that term because of the big deficits. that's what it is. give more money to people like me. then i will use private investment to drive benefits to the middleclass. they get a booster on top of whatever their tax cut is. economically it's dubious and practically we have seen that it doesn't work that way every time. you shouldn't be guaranteeing it as an outcome. >> i want to the see the information top prove the economic growth we get with all of our tax revisions.
4:28 am
cutting individual taxes that that cuts economic growth. it does to a certain extent. buff it is is really on the business side with 100% ex pensing so it is easier to expand and create good paying jobs and boost wages. we are at full employment. that's how you, again, increase wages. money in everybody's pocket and revenue the federal government. >> maybe. because what do we see right now? the bigger corporations are holding unprecedented amounts of cash. the senator's background is in business. it doesn't mean they will raise wages. >> which is why i want more tax relief on the business side to flow through passthrough
4:29 am
industries. >> why not do the same thing on the individual side. if you take a bite out of somebody's behind it should be mine because mine is bigger metaphorically. >> i'm an out liar on this in terms of my party. i don't want to see any increase in the deficit through individual tax cuts. we have all of these benefits we have promise said to, you know, baby boomers. we are $20 trillion in debt. the projected deficit is over $100 trillion. maybe as much as 1$129 trillion. it is time to cut individual tax rates. it is is time to make american businesses competitive globally so our economy can grow. the stat that i just told you about, it increased by $1.2 trillion per year even with the economic growth we have had since 2009.
4:30 am
>> greenspan agrees with you. gary cohn was at a symposium and said give us more money, we will give it back to the shareholders. senator johnson, same promise as always. when you have the numbers, when you want to make the case why this is good for the american people, you have time right here. >> he loves the wonder board. he gave it a new name. can obamacare survive without the individual mandate? the man who runs one of the largest health care exchanges tells us next. (♪) it all starts with a wish. the lincoln wish list event is here. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down
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senate republicans could cripple obamacare with a proposal to eliminate the individual mandate. can obamacare survive without it. peter lee runs the second largest health care exchange in california. peter, great to have you here in studio. >> thank you. >> what's the answer to that? can obamacare survive without
4:35 am
the individual mandate? >> the individual mandate is part of the fabric of the affordable care act. the thing it is about is encouraging people to shop. it is not about the penalty. it is when people think they might get a penalty and find out how affordable it can be. a lot of markets in individual states will collapse. >> you have said california has been a huge success. obamacare has worked there. but you say things are about to get ugly. >> things are working great in california, but they are working great in most of the nation. you hear doom and bloom stories about failures. >> prices are up 116 -- the rates are up 116%. that's not working. >> it's not working. but even in arizona, most people there get financial help. premiums are going up. for 10 million americans in 2018 even, their cost of health care will go down because they are getting financial help. but the cost of health care
4:36 am
going down, they sign up, more healthy people sign is up, it lowers costs for everyone else. what we don't need is in stability and uncertainty and having this part of the tax bill is just that again. more uncertainty. so health insurancers will say why do i play in this market? that is not helping california ans or americans. >> it has gotten more popular with time. as more republicans have spoken about about how bad it is. this year obamacare enrollment has surged for 2018. look at this. it's up 179% over last year. this is just in the first four days of open enrollment. is this people coming around to thinking, yes, this does work or they're afraid of what's next? >> two things. we're in open enrollment right now. those big numbers, most of them are people renewing their coverage. people who already have it say, oh, my god, we've got to keep it. a surge in new enrollment.
4:37 am
48,000 people in california have signed up, which is more than last year. but we've got three months of open enrollment. nationally they have cut the open enrollment period to six weeks. so if people don't sign up, going to be in deep trouble in january when they find out open enrollment is closed. >> i heard the word you were searching for there that was going to be more colorful. the other irony is you say by 2017, by there year, things have stabilized. so from where you sit, obamacare had worked out the kinks. it was working. enough it is being dismantled just as you think it is having success. >> it is not just california. nationally health plans have stabilized in '17. '18 was going to be a better year. california, we have 11 health plans. sit not just california.
4:38 am
there's 20 states that have more than four health plans competing for lives. we have a system that can work. but it doesn't work if we keep on having uncertainty and in stability coming out of washington. that's really causing americans a real disservice. >> it is not just uncertainty. they have actually taken action to try to weaken the affordable care act. as you know, republicans didn't vote for it and they never liked it. let me put up what has been done. executive order to roll back some proportions of it. they keep saying it is on the verge of collapse. was it on the verge of collapse? >> absolutely not. the reason americans like it more, they see it working. they see friends, family, neighbors getting affordable care. but they also see this is something that has to work. because, you know, most of us get insurance through our jobs. the affordable care act gives many of the other americans that didn't get that leg up, a leg up. health care in america is too
4:39 am
expense itch. we need a leg up, and it's working. >> washington and republicans canceled ads to tell people how to get it. they have weakened enforcement of the individual mandate. therefore it doesn't work if you're not enforcing it. tinkered with rules to benefit insurers. encouraged states to change rules. withheld support of cost-sharing subsidies. what was that? what do you think they were doing? >> one of the examplesis marketing. health insurance has to be sold. we're spending $111 million in california because we know getting more people in lowers premiums for everybody else. it doesn't make sense to me to cut back on marketing spending. and i'm wondering about 2019. because if you have fewer people sign up, they're less healthy, prices are likely to skyrocket in 2019. and that didn't have to happen. >> let's talk about that. what message do you have if you
4:40 am
don't like the idea of the individual mandate going on and what you are seeing the senate republicans have inserted. what's your message to them? you want to sound an alarm. >> the alarm is if you take away the individual mandate, 13 million americans will be without insurance. >> you know what they say, those 13 million didn't want it to begin with. they didn't want it. that's not freedom in america. >> they aren't going to be without insurance because the penalty is not there. they are encouraged to shop and to find out how much coverage they get. most of those people are getting medicaid. they are being encouraged to shop. and in california we have been out there pounding the pavement, letting people know about us. they still don't know they're eligible for financial help. without knowing that they don't sign up. the penalty is the nudge to get people to find out that right now 10 million americans are getting financial help. their costs will go down in 2018. if they're scared away because
4:41 am
of the bug a boo of skyrocketing premiums, everyone loses. >> peter lee, great to get your take on it and trying to sound the alarm in the 11th hour. >> absolutely. thanks for having me here. >> good conversation. here's a story you should not miss. sit a big deal to big game hunters. a change in the rules made by the trump administration that could affect elephants in africa, and not in a good way. details next. if yor crohn's symptoms are holding you back, and your current treatment hasn't worked well enough, it may be time for a change. ask your doctor about entyvio, the only biologic developed and approved just for uc and crohn's. entyvio works at the site of inflammation in the gi tract
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murphy. it would ensure uploading of required background information into national databases. it effort gained steam after the shoot anything sutherland springs, texas when the air force failed to report the shooter's history of domestic violence. the trump administration is removing restrictions on the importing of trophies from elephant hunts in zimbabwe and zambia. the ban was put in place by president obama. they are listed as threatened under the endangered species advocate. his sons are both big game hunters, it should be noted. >> the most expensive work of art ever sold at auction. the painting of jesus signed for $450 million following a 20-minute bidding war. it is nicknamed the male mona lisa. it is one of less than 20
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authenticated. >> salvator mundi. what's going to happen with this wet weather? will it hold off? answer man, cnn meteorologist chad myers looking at the forecast. what do you see? >> i see saturday just being a mess if you're traveling. that's one of the early travel days. today is pretty good. rain in the northeast. things will eventually dry out by midday. this weather brought to you by have jared. the galleria of jewelry. we will take you day by day. for tomorrow, snow in the rockies. major snow if you're traveling over the passes in the rockies for tomorrow. now that storm does get to chicago by saturday. and there's the heavy rainfall. now, it is just rain. temperatures in the 40s. we're not snowing yet. as we work into sunday and finally into sunday night, the
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roy moore is digging in. he tweeted to mitch mcconnell, bring it on. and then twitter went crazy saying isn't that a movie about cheerleaders. and then he suggested the accusations are just a political hit job. he specifically called out one of his accusers, beverly young nelson. the most recently accuser was a party in a divorce action before me in 1999 and no motion was ever made from me to be recused, and it's a matter that caused her no distress at the time and that was 18 years closer to the
4:53 am
assault, while 18 years later she could not contain her emotions. let's discuss how conservative media is handling this. this story is a big one. host of "reliable sources" brian stelter joins us. they said will the left own one of their own and weinstein was quickly out and all the accusers were brought out and then it was quiet. >> right when media outlets don't want to talk about roy moore, they want to talk about anything else, hillary clinton, whenever possible. but they have to deal with the controversy. we are not seeing a lot of leadership from the right wing talk show hosts. we are seeing punting about what sean hannity did last night, he punted the issue. >> he gave roy moore 24 hours to
4:54 am
prove with some evidence -- show us some evidence why we believe you. time is up. >> time is up and at the end of the hour, hannity said it's going to be up to the voters of alabama. that's, a, true, but also the cliche i see a lot of commentators holding on to. this is enough for me and it's up to the voters. actually people like sean hannity and rush limbaugh, they are used as leaders waoeu president trump. we know the president takes advice from the voices on radio and television. they prefer to let the voters decide but we are not seeing a lot of leadership from the hosts and commentators, which is notable that given mitch mcconnell and paul ryan and other gop leaders have spoken out. these hosts look at the ratings and maybe they are concerned
4:55 am
they don't know where their audience stands on these issues, and it's a tough situation for the hosts -- >> it's not tough, brian. these are pundits and not hosts. shep smith decides to do what we do all the time, test it, uranium one is a complete red herring. some call it the real russia scandal, which is a bunch of bs, and now shep comes forward and shows how that's not true. what does that mean for fox? >> he is increasingly sticking out like a sore thumb on fox news. it makes sense that he is a real journalist trying to explain what is really going on, but he does stick out like a sore thumb. >> quickly, this fight between
4:56 am
steve bannon, this conservative enter nesting, fighting, and judge thinks bannon should be against roy moore. >> it's another example ofthe conservative media civil war. bannon had his finger in the air and trying to figure out what to do about roy moore, but he's sticking by moore's side. >> thank you for bringing all of that to us. now this, he was touting the success of his asia trip, but his victory lap was derailed by a sudden case of dry mouth and a marco rubio field day. >> 11 minutes into his speech his mouth got dry. a few seconds later -- >> 17,000 jobs. >> the president disappeared.
4:57 am
>> they don't have water? that's okay. >> reporters said to your right, sir. the president stopping his speech to swig from a bottle of water would be no huge deal if he had not done this during the campaign, and he logged the entire bottle. >> this was on live television. >> and then candidate trump was mocking rubio while he gulped down water while delivering the republican response to the state of the union. what did marco rubio say? similar but not bad for his
4:58 am
first time. pretty witty for what trump called him. rubio guzzled made in the u.s. poland spring by the president drank imported fiji water. this year the u.s. has a $119 million deficit with fiji. after rubio ducked to drink, trump imitated him. where are you? "the daily show" commemorated trump's rubio mow pt tweeting donald trump's official portrait unveiled. you are looking at proof that water is never under the bridge. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> the under the bridge thing got you there. >> so many good water metaphors to run with. i like what brian stelter just said. they call it watergate. so many things call it gate. brian can call it that because
4:59 am
he's so young because watergate is not as entrenched for him. >> you take a shot at somebody and you never know when it's going to come back and hit you right in your little two-handed grip. >> we're following a lot of news this morning, so let's get right to it. how many women is it going to take to be believed over one powerful man? >> not once have i ever seen him act inappropriate against any woman. >> was on the no fly list and that gives credibility to these women. >> his hands are too close to the fire himself. >> the house expected to pass their tax bill today. >> this is not a good deal. this is such a scam. >> this is "new day" with chris
5:00 am
cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> welcome to your "new day." it's 8:00 here in the east. alabama embattled senate candidate has two more accusers coming forward. meanwhile, moore's lawyer casting doubt on a different accuser's story. >> the president remaining silent about the allegations against moore, and instead tweeting on tax reform ahead of the house vote this afternoon, this as republican senator, ron johnson, was just on "new day" and says he rejects the current version of their bill raising questions about its future. we have it all covered. let's go live to alabama, and all eyes on the race and implications on a moral level and also in terms of the numbers in the senate. >> without question, chris. the reaction


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